Commercial Cleanouts & Junk Removal

We work with businesses to clear out junk to keep operations presentable and for efficient use of space.
We also clear out commercial space when businesses close or relocate.
We We have cleaned out:

What is a Clean Out?

We get rid of everything and anything unwanted from the property.

Full Service Clean Outs

We Take Everything Including:

We are a turnkey clean out company. Our approach is to pick up, donate what we can, recycle anything recyclable, and dismantle or dispose of the rest.

Got outdated furniture, construction waste, or old equipment? We got you covered in the most eco-friendly way.

We work closely with the Paterson Task Force to provide household goods (primarily furniture and kitchen goods) to families or individuals leaving shelters, fire victims or referrals from other social services agencies.  We take roughly a truckload a week into Paterson.  We take what they request and usually deliver it right into the apartments of people in need.

Great Service! Great Price!

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